Version 1.2

Welcome to The Horror In Blog! I’m horror author, journalist, and assistant editor, Moaner T. Lawrence. You may remember me from such esteemed macabre publications as Rue Morgue: Horror in Culture and Entertainment, Virus, or Pseudopod, the world’s largest horror fiction podcast.

[Crickets chirp.]

…More likely, you have no clue who I am, and your being here is the result of a porn search gone awry. Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. Just go wash your hands, come back (yes, in that order), click the back button a couple of times, and quest onward!

…You’re still here? …wow. …you sure? …Okay. …Ummm, then let’s go over some fine print. The devil’s in the details! The Horror In Blog (THIB) is the personal creative space of me, Moaner T. Lawrence. All are welcome here until they wear out their welcome – then I’ll ban them. The views expressed herein will not always be the views of the parties I am affiliated with, and at no time are they intended to offend. My views are my own and I take full (gleeful) responsibility for them. Also, just in case the intial porn joke didn’t make it obvious enough, the material on this site is not intended for children. Therefore, if you are a minor, Uncle Moaner’s page is not for you, sorry. I’m not here to discuss politics, or sell you anything, and I expect the same from all of you. If you try using my blog as a soap box; hate megaphone; to discuss things outside the context of the horror genre; or to advertise something without my permission, you will be blocked.

THIB’s mission is to discuss the all-encompassing horror genre, and to ask ourselves how we might advance our knowledge of it. I can already hear the first question: Mr. Lawrence (That’s what the voices in my head call me. They’re so formal.), what makes you an expert? Great question guys. The is answer is: I’m not an expert! I don’t consider myself an expert in anything except maybe procrastination. I see myself as a student and enthusiast of horror, and that goes double for writing. The most successful men and women I’ve ever known choose to proclaim their ignorance over pretending wisdom, and they managed to ride that choice into yachts and mansions. I’m here to put the little I know out there so that others may benefit from it. If you see something I’ve declared is wrong, or you think something needs to be added, please, tell me! I’d love to make this blog as complete as possible.

As a bonus, I intend to periodically update THIB with older articles. Even if you’ve read an article by me in the past, chances are that for magazine space, we had to cut down certain responses. Those pieces will be added back in. If it’s possible, I’ll even update articles to showcase a subject’s current work. If you enjoy my work, I would encourage you to subscribe. I also have a Wattpad for free fiction, a Twitter for rants under 140 characters, and a Facebook account for rants over 140 characters.

That said, the fine print ends at my passion. My heart is a thumping disco-inferno for all things dark and morbid. Clap your hands and say ‘yeah’ if you like to party on Halloween! Cry Hallelujah if you think Stephen King rules! Can I get an ‘amen’ for the amateur horror writer?


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